Q.What’s Akashi city like?

Q.What to eat in Akashi?

Q.Where is Akashi?

Q.Where is Akashi?

A. Akashi is located in the Kansai area, Japan.Akashi city in Hyogo prefecture, is 38mins from Osaka, and 23mins from Himejiby train, easily accessible!



・From Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport):

 Approximately one hour and 20 minutes by Limousine

・From Kansai Airport:

 Approximately two hours and ten minutes by Limousine

・From Kobe Airport:

 Transfer to JR at Portliner "Sannomiya Station".

   Approximately one hour. by JR Special Rapid



・To JR Akashi Station (Special Rapid)

 One hour and 10 minutes from Kyoto

   38 minutes from Osaka

   16 minutes from Sannomiya

   23 minutes from Himeji


・To Sanyo Railway Corporation Akashi Station

  One hour and 2 minutes from Umeda