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Folding paper Experience                                                               ~Find out the delicate beauty of Japan~

     Price (per person)

  ☆ for 1 person  4000 JPY


  Tour duration 

  ☆ 1.5 hour (approx.) 


Origami, folding paper, giving a piece of square paper infinite possibilities to make various shapes.

You will be able to feel the sense of beauty and creative power peculiar to Japan.

Origami is one of the unique Japanese crafts,which turns a piece of paper into shapes of animals, plants, and many other things.

It started from the beginning of the 7th century, when thin but strong “Japanese paper” appeared.

Since then, people started to use “Japanese paper” in Shinto rituals, and to wrap offerings to the Gods.

It was not long before people started to notice the beauty of those folding lines on the wrapping papers on the offerings and gifts. And thus courtesy folding paper for decorating the packings was born.

In the early Edo era, people started to find fun in paper folding, and many creative origami works appeared, such as “Paper crane”,“Syuriken, throwing knife”, “Box”, and “Warrior’s helmet”.


And as a part of Japanese culture, the art of folding paper created from just a small piece of paper is still popular even in modern Japan.

You may have a difficult image toward the folding paper, but don’t worry.

We will show you easy-to-fold methods.

Please enjoy yourself.

Meeting place”:  Akashi station (JR/Sanyo train)  You will find our staffs with flags in their hands.

“Place of workshop”:   five-minute walk away from the JR Akashi station  

 “Break up”:   Akashi station (JR/Sanyo train) 

If you wish, we can also guide you to local restaurants to enjoy the delicious Akashi meals.

How to apply!

Reservation (Reservation must be made no later than 1 week before the tour)

①  Fill the form below with the must items and preferred date, and submit it.  

  ※ The tours start at 10:00am or 2:00pm or 3:00pm.

②   We will send you confirmation email within 48 hours.  

  ※ There may be some dates that we cannot accept reservations for.


On apointed day

①   Come directly to the meeting place on your applied date. Our guides are waiting for you.

② Pay the program fee to the guide on the spot.

③ Have a great day in Akashi!


メモ: * は入力必須項目です

Please resend your inquiry form if you don’t get any reply within 3days.

※ Up to 6 participants can experience. Needs at least 1 participants. 

  If you are a group of more than 6 menmbers,write the total number in the Message box.

General notes related to the tours

・During the tour, follow the instructions of the guides or staffs. You are fully responsible for any accidence or mishap that arises due to not following the instructions.

・The tour hour might be extended if necessary.

・Tour may be canceled due to a bad weather or a disaster. In case of cancellation, we will contact you 2 hours before the meeting time.

・Please contact us through the following form if you have any question or request.

Cancellation policy

・No charge if the cancellation is made 8 days before the tour.

・Charge 50% of the price if the cancellation is made between 8 days and 2 days before the tour.

・Charge 100% of the price if the cancellation is made after 2 days before the tour.