Translation Service

From Family Register Documents to Business Documents


We provide a flexible translation service to suit the needs and purposes of our clients. We help you to communicate in various situations from daily life to business, including the translation of documents necessary for living in Japan, or for business wishing to expand overseas.




・Translation languages…English, Chinese, Mongolian,Vietnamese, Thai, Russian, others                                             Please consult us for any other languages.


・Minimum number of characters…600 characters or 600 words

・Time needed for translation …1 week~(About 1000 Japanese characters )

  ※ We also provide an express service to translate emails etc. which is needed for urgent business.

     Please feel free to consult us.

Document translation fee(Average newspaper level)


  1 character or 1 word Minimum number of characters Minimum cost
Business purpose From 17 yen 600 characters or 600 words 10,000yen
Public institutions
(Non-profit purpose)
From 9 yen No limitation 2,000yen


・The charge for one character or one word may change depending on the language or the content.
・The fee for cases of public institutions applies only to those which are verified based on our diligent evaluation.
・For other cases, our approval is also needed.


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