About us

We,“NPO (Non Profit Organization) Corporation Multi-cultural CenterMann-maru Akashi”, provides supports for sound growth and stable life forfamilies with roots in foreign countries. We also organize activities for localresidents to deepen their consciousness on “Multi-cultural symbiosis”.


This program is held for the below purposes.

・Promotion of the regional multi-cultural symbiosis

・Regional activation by calling in foreign tourists

・Promotion of foreigner’s employment through

multi-languages /multi- cultural services

To travel agents

We also accept applicationsof group tours.Please feel free to contact us.


≪Visit Akashi≫    info@visitakashi.com


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To companies and groups in Akashi and surrounding areas

The number of foreign tourists coming to Japan is increasing year by year. In order to “promote regional multi-cultural symbiosis”, and to “appeal Akashi to the world”, you are welcomed to join us to put into effect together these programs to offer opportunities to experience Japanese culture and Japan.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our program.